10 Things That Only RV Owners Will Understand!

By RVezy


Being an RV enthusiast is full of fun and adventure. There are unique challenges and experiences that all of us have in common. Here is a list of the most common challenges and experiences that we all have encountered.


1. RV toilet paper is not 3ply!

While life on the road is fun, we all acknowledge the importance of RV toilet paper, but let's not kid ourselves it is definitely not 3ply!


2. If you can't see me in the mirror, I can't see you!

One of the earliest lessons we all learn when hooking up the RV. If you can't see me in the mirror I can't see you. We have all been there before and screaming at our spotter as we make several efforts to get that hitch hooked up perfect on the first try.


3. Bridge clearance heights are important

Talk about a nervous moment as we approach a low bridge and cross our fingers that the signs we see are accurate. No one wants to end up as a fail on YouTube.

4. You can always find a friend at Walmart

Are you traveling through a new city? A Walmart is always close by with RVers just like you. Pull out the camp chair and cold one and enjoy the company.


5. You can't run the microwave, air conditioner, and a hair dryer at the same time.

This is a self-correcting problem that we all learn. We must learn to use our appliances efficiently.


6. Backing up a trailer is a skill you are born with

Some of us have this skill and some of us definitely do not! We are always in envy of that driver that can maneuver a trailer like a champ!


7. Seasonal Campers VS Weekenders

Need I say more? We all know where we stand!


8. Annoying neighbors are only temporary

Don't like your neighbor? or their dog they don't clean up after? no problem, the bonus of RV camping is that you can pick up and move whenever you want.


9. A 5 min shower is 4 mins too long!

Another skill we all master at some point, we know how to shower completely in under 60 seconds when trying to conserve water, a skill only perfected by the skilled RV camper.


10. God gave us shin bones so we can find trailer hitches in the dark

We have all been there, OUCH!





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