3 things to know if you want to spend the winter down south

By RVezy

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Skipping out on Canada’s harsh winters is a great idea and for many it become a reality especially when you are retired. Planning on a long trip down south can take a lot of planning and making sure you are prepared can help avoid any headaches.

Here are some of the most common questions answered for you:

 1) How Long Can I Stay?

The current limit for a snowbird permitted to stay in the United States is 182 days, if you stay longer than that you are considered a resident and must pay U.S taxes. There is a current bill in the works that may allow Canadians — and Canadians only the opportunity to stay in the US for up to 8 months as long as they own a home or present a rental agreement for that period of time.


  2) Will My Canadian Health Insurance Cover Me?

If you have health insurance, most canadian companies will cover you for your trip across the border for an extended period of time. British Columbia, Manitoba, Alberta, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Northwest Territories and Saskatchewan have all amended their policies to allow residents to be temporarily absent for up to seven months, while still retaining their health coverage.

Ontarians, too, can keep their health benefits and be out of the province for up to 212 days (roughly seven months) in any 12-month period while Nunavut and the Yukon are comparatively lax and have no residency requirements. Newfoundland and Labrador requires its residents live in the province for just four months of the year, while in Quebec and P.E.I. a person has to be present for six months plus one day to maintain their coverage.

3) If I Rent An RV, How Does Insurance Work?

If you are renting an RV to go down south, you must make sure that you have the proper rental insurance with RVezy we provide the insurance for you and make sure you are covered vehcile wise when enjoying the sun.

Learn more about Rvezy's insurance in the Trust and Safety Section


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