5 Terrifying places to visit in your RV this Halloween

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Halloween is fast approaching. While carving pumpkins and snacking on candy at home is always a tradition, why not mix it up. If you love being scared or creeped out why not take an RV road trip to some creepy, haunted places this All Hallow’s Eve. 

Best Scary Places

Whether you’re a total skeptic or a true believer, ghost stories always give leave you a little uneasy and feeling like someone or something is watching you. Canada has some pretty amazing stories that down right make your skin crawl.

If you are ready to mix up your halloween, then you are in for a treat, or even trick. Here are some of the scariest places in Ontario you can visit in an RV this year.

The Jailhouse

Ottawa, ON

Jail Hostel.jpgThis old stone building served as Ottawa’s jail for over a century, and closed in 1972. Just a year later it opened as a hostel for budget travellers — not enough time to clear out all the ghosts!

The jail was the site of three executions, all by hanging and includes the legendary execution of Patrick J. Whelan for the assassination of one of Canada’s Fathers of Confederation, Thomas D’Arcy McGee. Staff of the now hostel will tell you Whelan still haunts the building. Some guests even say he has appeared at the end of their beds. 


The Haunted Walk

Kingston, ON

Haunted Walk Kingston.jpgThe Haunted Walk of Kingston is most certainly a must do for any paranormal enthusiast or for someone who wants to be scared silly. For over two decades this interactive tour has operated and remained a popular attraction in the city.

The tour will take you through Kingston’s old Sydenham Ward, haunted hotels, burial grounds, grave robberies and hangings at the old courthouse — Yeah, my palms are already sweating!

Tours run until the end of November and if you are looking to double your spook fest, take a look at the haunted tours of Fort Henry too.


PRZ Paintball

Picton, ON

PRZ.jpgAs far as freaky buildings go, it doesn’t get freakier than this. Formally known as Prince Edward Heights, was originally a military barracks then converted to a “hospital for the mentally disabled” in 1971 the building and images from within will cause your body to cringe and squirm.

There are several stories about patient abuse within the facilities while the hospital was in operation and this building has been the subject to many supernatural investigators and amateur "Youtubers" alike.

Now one of the biggest paintball arenas in Ontario, it makes the perfect RV trip for you and a few friends who want to both shoot each other and be terrified at once.

Halloween Haunt

Vaughan, ON

Halloween Haunt.jpgFor terrifying nights in October, Canada’s Wonderland is transformed into the Halloween Haunt. Each year gets bigger, better and scarier. If you and your friends are up for a night navigating through horrifying mazes, scare zones, live shows and over 700 monsters prowling the park be sure to book now.

Blue Ghost Tunnel

St. Catharines, ON

Blue Tunnel.jpg(NOPE, NOT HAPPENING!) 

This 655-foot-long abandoned railway is truly what nightmares are made from. It was only in use for 39 years, but it was the scene of many accidents, including a teenager killed by a boulder and a train collision outside of the tunnel. Not to mention 107 men were killed during the tunnels construction alone.

Fast forward to today it is a paranormal hotspot with many stories about seeing weird lights, sounds of footsteps, crying, whistling and voices talking — I think I will pass on this one!

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