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Nov 7.2019

The Only Guide You Need To Northwest Territories & Nunavut Parks

Have you ever wanted to go to the very top of Canada? The Northwest Territories and Nunavut hold that spot, and it’s something you need to see once in your life. If you’re coming from outside of Canada, maybe Europe or the US and want ...

Oct 17.2017

How much does it cost to rent a motorhome in Alberta?

Exploring Alberta is the best when you are able to explore it from the comfort and convenience of an Rv. Alberta has some of the most stunning landscapes in Canada is a must to if you plan on...

Oct 17.2017

3 things to know if you want to spend the winter down south

Skipping out on Canada’s harsh winters is a great idea and for many it become a reality especially when you are retired. Planning on a long trip down south can take a lot of planning and making...

Oct 17.2017

Motorhomes vs Travel Trailers — Which is the right choice for you?

Whether you are interested in renting an RV, if you're in the market to purchasing one, or if you're looking to upgrade to a newer model, here are some things you should know.

Oct 17.2017

What are the different types of travel trailers?

So you’ve decided that a travel trailer is the right fit for you — whether you plan on buying or looking to rent one — you’ve made a great choice!

Choosing a trailer over a motorhome is just one...

Oct 16.2017

Amenities that renters are looking for in their RV rental

If you are thinking about putting your RV up on the peer-to-peer rental market, its a great idea! You can earn money back on your investment, meet like-minded and adventurous campers along the way.

Oct 10.2017

How To Clean and Maintain Your RV Awning 

If you own an RV or have rented one in the past, you know they're a great feature to have on your motorhome or trailer. There are several types of awnings and they serve different functions.

Oct 10.2017

Camping Hacks That Are Borderline Genius

Whether camping in an RV or roughing it out in tents these great camping hacks are borderline genius and we will definitely be trying them out on our next RV rental adventure!

Oct 10.2017

Owner Story: Learn How This Owner Made $10,000 In 6 Months

Take a deep breath. Here is a wonderful story of the journey of one of RVezy's first RV owners!

Matt Sequin grew up in the GTA and is currently a resident of the Peterborough area. Matt is one of...

Oct 10.2017

7 Reasons Why You Should Rent Out Your RV Today

Do you own an RV that you don't get to use as often as you like, or your debating on selling it? Instead you should rent it out to aspiring vactioners! You can earn money, cover your RV payments...

Oct 10.2017
Oct 10.2017

12 Campfire Recipes You Need To Try!

12 Campfire Recipes You Need To Try! 

Oct 6.2017

8 Reasons To Explore Canada In An RV

As Canadians, we tend to think we must travel abroad to see beautiful landscapes, eat great food, enjoy hot weather but that is not the case. 

Canada is a breathtaking country that has many...

Oct 6.2017

10 RV Campgrounds To Visit In Ontario


Choosing to go RVing or camping can be a huge task, picking a location, getting all the right equipment, groceries, logistics. If you are going to be taking an RV out in Ontario, check out some...

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