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Feb 24.2018

Child-Proofing Your RV For Stress-Free Camping

There comes a time in every parents' life – or even grandparents' – when you have that heart sinking, inevitable sense of dread. The sudden wail of a child who is in excruciating pain. And I don't mean the, ...

Jan 30.2018

How To Price Your RV Rental Listing

When trying to determine how much to price your RV rental listing, there are a number of factors to take into account, from how much to charge during such times as the high and low-season, to how...

Jan 30.2018

Bringing your Motorhome or Trailer over the Canadian/US border

If you are planning a trip across the border and you want your customs experience to be as painless as possible, then plan ahead. Whether you're planning on spending the winter in sunny Florida,...

Jan 25.2018

Spring cleaning your RV and preparing it for the next rental


It may not feel like it right now – what, with most of the country breaking records for the coldest winter in decades – but spring is, as they say, just around the corner. Although that corner...

Jan 24.2018

15 Extreme RV Makeovers and Creations


Ever dreamt of doing something crazy like renovating or building an RV and leaving it all behind??

Well for some pioneering, possibly slightly unhinged individuals (in a good way!), this becomes...

Jan 23.2018

Top 5 reasons to list your RV for rent before putting it up for sale


The open road is where adventure begins, and travelling through the country in an RV can add an extra source of freedom that other styles of travelling just can't match.

Jan 17.2018

Dragon's Den Success Story To Attend Toronto RV Show and Sale


Dragon's Den, now in it's 12th season is a very popular CBC program where entrepreneurs have the chance of a lifetime to pitch their business idea in front of the Dragons. The A list of Canadian...

Jan 16.2018

Top 10 Things To See At The Toronto RV Show & Sale 2018



The Toronto RV Show and Sale 2018 is soon among us as, as it runs from Jan 18th through Jan 21st. It is the longest running Ontario RV show and you will see all types of RVs, from hard-top...

Jan 15.2018
Jan 15.2018

20 Healthy Meal Ideas for RV Cooking

Exploring and camping in an RV is no excuse to skimp on healthy RV cooking! In fact, it’s actually a great way to start experimenting with healthy eating, because it feels so good to cook fresh,...

Jan 10.2018

RV Activities You and Your Family will Enjoy for Years to Come

Exploring and enjoying the wonders of our world in an RV is an experience which can never be forgotten. Many of us have childhood memories roadtripping and camping as youngsters, and we wouldn’t...

Jan 9.2018

RV Driving Tips for Safe Travel


When exploring and adventuring with an RV, there is one thing which must not be compromised - RV SAFETY!

As with driving any vehicle, the way you prepare and drive has a huge impact over both...

Jan 8.2018

How Long Do RV Tires Last?


It should go without saying that one of the most important parts of any motorized vehicle are the tires – without them it doesn't matter how much horsepower your engine has, that vehicle isn't...

Jan 8.2018

RV Rental Insurance: How It Works

RVing as a way of life, or even just a pastime – that is, living the RV life (#RVlife) – is enjoyed by seasoned full-timers and novice part-timers alike. From coast to coast, Canadians find...

Jan 4.2018

Essential RV Camping Tip: How to Build a Fire Like a Pro

Many moons ago, our ancestors learnt how to make a fire out of nothing (some experts estimate this to be almost one Million years ago!). Many moons later, humans learnt how to operate a...

Jan 3.2018

How To Save Space And Travel Light In An RV

Deciding to embrace the tiny living lifestyle is not an easy task for just anyone to undertake, and even though going that route comes with a host of rewards, there are also a fair number of...

Jan 2.2018

Where To Sleep When You're In A New City While RVing

When you embark on an RV adventure and set out to live the vanlife, be it for a few days, months, or even years, there are many challenges you may come across. It's not always easy to transition...

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