Dragon's Den Success Story To Attend Toronto RV Show and Sale

By Kyle King

blog photo (4).pngDragon's Den, now in it's 12th season is a very popular CBC program where entrepreneurs have the chance of a lifetime to pitch their business idea in front of the Dragons. The A list of Canadian entrepreneurs include Jim Treliving, Michael Wekerle, Michelle Romanow, Arlene Dickenson, Joe Mimran , and Manjit Minhas.

This year RVezy was chosen and given the chance to pitch on a special heroes episode, featuring many military veterans, police officers and firefighters.

Mike (CEO) a former police officer  was wounded on the job started renting his RV privately and earned close to $15,000 in one year. He quickly realized that people wanted to rent RVs and explore Canada, but traditional ways were making it impracticable. He wanted to create a way for owners to make money from their often idle RV and offer Canadians a more affordable and safe way to travel. After coming up with the concept, linking up with a business friend and getting the platform together, RVezy was born.

During the episode, Mike and Will went head first against the dragons and were able to round up 3 offers. Jim offered exactly what they were seeking which was $150,000 for 10% of the company, Michele offered $150,000 for 20% and then Michele and Arlene offered a joint deal offering $150,000 for a 25% stake in the company. 

When all the negotiations were finished Will and Mike solidified a deal with Michele for a  $150,000 investment for a 17.5% share of the company.

In the couple months since entering the Den, hundreds of new owners and renters have joined the RVezy community making it the largest and fastest growing RV rental marketplace in Canada.

Hoping to Continue the growth of the company and educating RV enthusiasts across the country, the RVezy team is set to attend RV shows across Canada with stops in Ontario, Alberta and Quebec over the next few months.

First up is the Toronto RV Show and Sale being held at the Toronto Congress Centre between January 18th and January 21st, 2018. The Toronto RV show is a 4 day event showcasing over 64 exhibitors and some of the biggest RV dealerships in Ontario.

If you are planning on visiting the show , tickets can be purchased online or at the box office.


Thursday Jan 18th: 10AM-7PM ($7.50)

Friday Jan 19th:  10AM-7PM ($7.50)

Saturday Jan 20th: 10AM-7PM ($15.00)

Sunday Jan 21st:  10AM-5PM ($15.00)

Be sure to check out the RVezy booth at the show as Mike McNaught (CEO) will be reflecting on his time in front of the Dragons, how it has affected the company and what is next in store for RVezy.

If you are a fan of Disney or would like your RV insurance paid for in 2018, then make sure you fill out the draw at the booth. Follow RVezy on social media for a couple surprises during the weekend show.

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