The Only Guide You Need To Nova Scotia & New Brunswick Provincial Parks

By Court Lundy

If you’ve never been to the east coast, you’re truly missing out. The Atlantic Ocean, the seafood, and the crisp air will make you want to travel there at every possible chance. So why not take your RV there and see all that the east coast has to offer?

Nova Scotia and New Brunswick may be small, but the things you can do there are endless. Even though Nova Scotia is the second smallest province in Canada, the national parks it has are breathtaking. And New Brunswick is truly an underrated province.

So, pack up your RV and head on over to the east coast to stay at one of these beautiful parks. Or, if you’re feeling up for it, why not try all of them?!

       Nova Scotia:


       Kejimkujik National Park

Best time to visit: At Kejimkujik National Park, there is only one campground, but it’s the best kind of campground. Jeffrey’s Bay Campground is open from May until October, and it actually has spots specifically for RVs. Nova Scotia doesn’t get too hot over the summer, so any month you plan to camp will be a great time. 

RV hookups available: Yes!

Things you must do at Kejimkujik National Park: At night, the sky lights up and you can see all of the stars so clearly. To better experience this, you can visit the Dark Sky Preserve which will allow you to look through telescopes or binoculars. During the day, you can have picnics, go hiking on the one of the parks 14 trails, and they even have a ton of activities for families such as crab adventures, and guided activities.

Tips: Registering opens up mid-January for reservations for the following summer.

How to book: Online here.


       Cape Breton Highlands National Park of Canada

Best time to visit: At Cape Breton Highlands National Park of Canada, you’ll truly never want to leave. There are 6 campgrounds to choose from that each offer different things, but especially views. Cape Breton Highlands National Park is open from mid-May to the end of October, so you have a while to decide where you want to stay. Plus, all of the campgrounds are RV friendly!

RV hookups available: Yes!

Things you must do at Cape Breton Highlands National Park of Canada: If there is anything I recommend doing, it’s going sightseeing along the Cabot Trail. No matter what time of day you go, stopping at each lookout point will be the best part of your trip. In addition to that, you can also go hiking to check out the spectacular views, or even relax on one of the 6 beaches.

Tips: You can reserve a camping spot all year round, but it’s better to do it ASAP.

How to book: Online here.

       New Brunswick: 


       Mount Carleton Provincial Park

Best time to visit: Want to feel like you're in the middle of nowhere? Mount Carleton Provincial Park is the place for you then. It has mountains, wildlife, and so much more to see no matter where you turn. The park is open all year round, but camping is only from May to October. The park has four different campgrounds, but only two of them have spots for RVs.

RV hookups available: Yes, only at Armstrong Campground and Group Camping.

Things you must do at Mount Carleton Provincial Park: Really, the only thing you must do at Mount Carleton Provincial Park is hike up to one of the lookout points. While difficult, the Mount Carleton trail will take you to the best lookout spot. If you’re not up for that three hour hike, there are 10 other trails you could do.

Tips: You cannot use credit or debit cards at this park, so make sure you bring enough cash with you, even if you’re paying for your campground booking.

How to book: Online here.


       Parlee Beach Provincial Park

Best time to visit: Looking for a beach vacation without leaving Canada? Parlee Beach Provincial Park has been awarded for being the warmest salt water beach in Canada! This truly is the perfect beach vacation. It’s open all year round, but camping here is only open from May until the end of September, and of course, the beaches close when summer is over. However, the good news is that the campground is only a 10 minute walk from the beach!

RV hookups available: Yes!

Things you must do at Parlee Beach Provincial Park: The great thing about this park is that there is so much to do in it, as well as outside of it. You can spend a few days at the beach, maybe play some sand sports, and have a picnic. But if you’re getting a little bored of that, near the park are shops, the world’s largest lobster sculpture, and even a shopping mall! It also has two trails, and both are easy and take you to the beach.

Tips: Book as soon as you can, as it’s a very popular spot in the summer because of the beaches.

How to book: Online here.


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