How much does it cost to rent a motorhome in Alberta?

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4183947330_61851ee3d8_o.jpgExploring Alberta is the best when you are able to explore it from the comfort and convenience of an Rv. Alberta has some of the most stunning landscapes in Canada is a must to if you plan on travelling across Canada. A motorhome home will allow you to be able to travel across the province with ease, doubling as your vehicle and accommodations. 

Renting can be a very affordable way to explore compared to buying , it’s always good to know how costs breakdown.

Here is how much you should expect to spend on renting a motorhome:


Rental Rate (Weekly: $1200-$1500)

Renting a motorhome gives you the ability to go camping and explore, while giving you the luxuries of not having to stay in the tent and the amenities that of your own home.

Renting a motorhome privately can be a much cheaper than renting one commercially or purchasing one you may only use one or twice a year. Motorhomes give you all the comfort and amenities such as a full kitchen, bathroom and ample living space while on the road. Keep in mind that renting through third party site like Kijiji or Craigslist might be a cheaper however there are much more risks involved including proper insurance, reliability, cleanliness and secure payment.


 Insurance (10% of Rental Amount Through RVezy)

If you plan on renting through someone on Kijiji or craigslist, be sure to check out if your covered properly, insurance wise, most insurance companies do not allow private RV rentals. Renting through RVezy allows you to be fully protected on the road without having to worry.  To see how your covered check out our trust and safety section.

 Campground Fees (Daily: $0-$65)

Camping in your motorhome you will usually want to have water and electrical hookups, while these are more costly than tent camping, it will elevate your camping experience. 

If you are not worried about water or electrical hookup and are really just using the RV for sleeping in, there are options like Wal-mart parking lots you can stay in overnight, free of charge. Some people will even hook-up a generator in those spots to give them the options to use AC or the TV. 

Gas ($200-$1000) 

You won't get very far in your motorhome without gas! The most over looked expense when travelling is the gas. Motorhomes are known for their poor fuel mileage so be prepared and save for gas on your trip. 


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