How Much Does It Cost To Rent An RV In Canada?

By Court Lundy

If you are thinking about going on a vacation with your family or your friends, you may automatically think of somewhere a plane can take you. Most people assume that a vacation has to take place somewhere far away and with no cell service, right? Wrong! A vacation can also be a road trip far and wide, with the people you love in an RV and with your phone right next to you to capture all of the moments.

That sounds like a great vacay to me!

Maybe you’re not sure how much it costs to rent an RV in Canada or anything about RV living. Well good thing I’m here to tell you about it all!

Depending on the kind of RV you want to rent, the rate changes. Of course, renting an RV is totally different from buying an RV, however both have their perks. If you’re looking to start a tradition with your family and want to take a road trip in an RV every year during a certain time, then this information will definitely benefit you. Maybe you want to take a long trip across our beautiful country. No matter what, this information is here to prove that renting an RV is the way to go.

There are a few key considerations that will determine how much it will cost to rent an RV in Canada, being: the type of RV you are looking to rent, the time you want to book, and where in the country you want to book it from. Let me break it down for you:



Types Of RVs To Rent

The type of RV you are looking for will really determine the initial cost. You can choose between motorhome rentals and travel trailer rentals. Maybe you’re planning on driving the RV to your destination and want to sleep at rest stops or maybe you want to take your car with and have your travel trailer attached to the back and stop at campsites. Either option is great, but there is a price difference.

Motorhome rentals, for reasons such as space, functionality, appliances, etc., are obviously more expensive and range anywhere from $900 to $1300 a week. Travel trailer rentals are cheaper because they don’t provide as much space but are great for certain trips and can range anywhere from $350 to $600 a week.

The price range will also be affected, depending on the features available in the RV. To find out more about prices, click here to select your desired date and RV rental, and you can get an idea of how much it may cost you. You also may want to keep in mind that there are some additional costs that you will need to budget for, including taxes, insurance protection and roadside fees that may apply when you rent an RV.



When You Want To Book An RV

Booking your RV well in advance is a great way to save money. Many RV owners will drop their prices during the slower seasons,sometimes even by 30%! It is a great idea to take advantage of the low-season pricing if you are looking for great savings on your RV. You can also enjoy lower prices if you book for longer, with many RV owners providing weekly and monthly discounts for their RVs.

Booking early will also help you secure the best RV for your trip. In the summertime, rental demand increases greatly as more people want to go camping, making it difficult to find the perfect RV if you decide to book your RV at the last minute.

If you’re wanting to save money and secure the best RV for your needs, try booking your RV for early spring such as May or June or during the fall or winter months. I know that people assume you can only use RVs during the summer but camping during the fall time may actually be better!



Where You Want To Book The RV From

There are times when you have the ability to fly to a place and then rent an RV, or you can rent an RV to drive to that specific spot. Either one is great, because no matter what, you’re getting the RV experience. 

Let’s say you’re flying from Toronto to Vancouver because you want to drive around the west coast in your rented RV. This would reduce the amount of time you would need to rent the RV for as opposed to picking up the rental in Toronto and driving it all the way to Vancouver to start the trip. In this case, you may be spending the same amount of money but just differently. A flight from Toronto to Vancouver is around $350 to $550, but driving there is 40 hours of just driving, which could equal out to 3-4 days of driving the RV.

It’s up to you whether you want to see our stunning country while driving to the spot you actually want to stay at in your RV, or if you want to pick it up when you’re there!



Other Costs To Consider

And finally, since we’ve covered most of the cost, we need to think about the things that will keep both of the most important things alive on this trip: food and gas. You need to take into consideration the amount of food you’ll need on your trip as well as how much you’ll need to fill up. If you’re going with one other person, your family, your friends, etc., you’ll need to plan out your food just so you don’t end up packing enough. You can prepare make ahead meals and just freeze them to keep things easier, but also think about comfort food that everyone around you will love on the trip. Oh, and don’t forget snacks!

As for gas, I think mapping out the gas stations on your road trip will be a lifesaver. Then you won’t be scrambling when you wake up to go driving and you don’t know where the nearest station is. If you have every pit stop at night figured out, find out the nearest gas station to that as well. This will save you the headache and the time.



Whether you're just curious about how much it costs to rent an RV or are actually planning a trip, renting an RV is one of the best things you can do. The memories, the sights you'll see, and so much more are so worth how much it is to to rent an RV. It's a totally different vacation than it is to sit on a beach and read, and everyone should experience this kind of vacation in their life. 

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