How to Boost your RV Rental Listing using Video

By Samukele Ncube

Renting out your RV to fellow travel enthusiasts and adventurers is an absolutely rewarding experience. You get to meet interesting people from all over the world AND share the gift of RVing with others – it’s truly the best of both worlds! 

This is the second post in our series of blogs that discuss different ways you can boost your RV rental listing on RVezy. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out last week’s post on how to use Kijiji to boost your RV rental listing.

Video is a fantastic tool that you can use to promote your RV rental listing! If you hadn’t considered video as a promotional tactic for your RV rental, now may be the time to. With the fall season fast approaching, there is no better time to shoot your video - the leaves start to change colour and the sunlight becomes softer, providing you with a picturesque backdrop on which to film your RV.

Because video incorporates both sound as well as visual elements, it works as a fantastic tool for informing and grabbing people’s attention. This is because video enables your potential renters to see how things will work in your RV, in addition to giving them more of a well-rounded picture of what they can expect than they would get from pictures and a description.

Video also allows you to convey large amounts of information in a shorter amount of time than pictures and text can. This serves as a huge advantage, especially if you decide to create a video for your listing as you can LITERALLY show off everything that sets your RV apart from the rest, allowing you to give renters the ability to experience your RV before they even request to book.

Are you ready to create a video for your RV listing? Here is a step-by-step process to help you get started!

RVezy Video Capture


1. Choose your tools

The first step to creating a video for your listing is to identify the tools you will need to create your video. If you are lucky enough to have access to a videographer and a professional video camera, that’s great! Definitely use those to your advantage. If not – and this is the bucket that most people will fall into – you can always use what you already have on hand. By no means do you have to fork out tonnes of cash to start creating a video for your RV rental listing.

Luckily, most smartphones these days come equipped with great cameras which are perfect for you to use in shooting your video. All you need is your phone and you are ready to go!

 RVezy Android Camera


2. Take the video in landscape mode

Be sure to shoot your videos horizontally rather than vertically. It is no secret that RVs have a limited amount of space within them. By turning your phone sideways when you are recording your video, you can get more of your RV within the shot - making it look larger than it is.

In addition, the majority of the video hosting platforms which you will likely use to promote your video (such as YouTube) generally present videos in landscape mode. Human eyes are designed to see the world in a widescreen format, as we see more from left to right than from top to bottom. This is why horizontal videos are best for promoting your RV. So don't forget to turn your phone sideways!

RVezy Lady Taking Photo 

3. Let there be light!

Try to shoot your video in the daytime so that you can maximize on the natural light. You don’t want your video to be dark and filled with shadows, otherwise your shots will end up being creepy. For videos of the interior of your RV, try opening up all of your curtains so that natural light can come in. You want your RV to be as bright and as inviting as possible. You can also turn on the lights in your RV to aid in this as well.

For the exterior shots of your RV, the best time to shoot using natural light is during golden hour. This is the short window of time shortly after sunrise and just before sunset where the sky becomes slightly redder than it would be during the day. This lighting is best as it provides a softer and more forgiving natural light that will make your RV glow and take on a magical feel!

RVezy Sunset


4. Make sure your RV is spotless

This goes without saying, but make sure your RV is clean and de-cluttered. For the video, you want to try and go as minimal as possible. RVs have limited space, try to stash any excess furnishings or décor away temporarily for the sake of the video. So even if you love loads of cushions and throw blankets, try and minimize them to give your RV a clean and modern look.

RVezy RV interior


5. Lights, camera, action!

Now that you have laid all of the groundwork for your video, it is time to get to the fun part – shooting the actual video! You will want to start off by planning what you will talk about. Feel free to create a rough outline of all of the points you want to cover in your video. Be sure to:

  • Introduce yourself and welcome your renters to your RV listing
  • Do a complete walk-through of your RV, making sure to show off all the highlights and the additional amenities that you offer
  • End your video with a simple call-to-action that will encourage bookings, such as “Visit” to book my RV”

In your video, be sure to really show off the beauty of your RV and show your guests why your RV is perfect for their needs. If you would like, you could also shoot various versions of your video to appeal to the different kinds of guests you may have – such as couples, tourists or families. This will help you really tell a story that will speak directly to their needs, helping you form an emotional connection with your potential renters which will help you secure more bookings.

Remember, it’s okay to do multiple takes for your video! Nobody is perfect – that’s what editing is for!

RVezy Listing Video


6. Try to keep your video under 2 minutes in length

This is where editing comes into play. Now that you have multiple takes of your video in and around your RV, it’s time to put all of the clips together into one short and condensed video. Two minutes has been proven to be the ideal length for videos, as people generally tend to have short attention spans. By keeping your video under 2 minutes, you can increase the probability of potential renters watching the entire video and proceeding to visit your listing.

You can edit your video quickly and easily using some free tools that you can download onto your phone to allow you to put your video together on the go.

iPhone users: 

Android users: 

And that’s it! You now have all of the tools you need to get started on your first video for your RV listing! Next week we will discuss how you can use this video to drive traffic to your RVezy listing.


Note: Before you boost your RV listing on RVezy, please make sure that it is up-to-date with clear photos, a detailed description, accurate add-ons and updated availability calendar. To go through the entire checklist, you can download the Walkthrough of the RVezy Dashboard.


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