How To Price Your RV Rental Listing

By Corey Rozon

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When trying to determine how much to price your RV rental listing, there are a number of factors to take into account, from how much to charge during such times as the high and low-season, to how much to charge for nightly, weekly and monthly rentals for your RV.

Although the exact amount you list your RV for is entirely up to you, here are a few suggestions on how to price your RV rental listing:   


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Determining The Base Weekly Rate 

Private RV rentals are priced differently than traditional RV rental options. In an online markeplace, you'll find RVs of all shapes, sizes, and types. Some are brand new, and others are more seasoned.

Ideally, your exact rental rates will fall within a price range that we recommend for your RV. Based on the age, size, and type of RV you have, we recommendation that your RV rental pricing strategy deals more with type of RV you have.


RV Rental Price Range By RV Type 

Here we will breakdown the price range for your RV rental listing based on RV Type. Keep in mind that these are just recommendations for pricing. As you grow with RVezy, your experience and attention to detail will help you create a unique pricing strategy that works for you.

Trailer Rental Pricing 


RV Cottage 90-150 550-950 1900-3500
Fifth Wheel 100-200 550-1150 1900-3800
Tent Trailer 60-120 350-650 1300-2300
Travel Trailer  75-150 450-950 1600-3350
Hybrid 75-125 400-900 1400-3200
Vintage 75-125 400-900 1400-3200
Toy Hauler 90-150 550-950 1900-3500


*Trailer pricing recommendations do not account for delivery options. If you want to offer delivery on your rentals, we suggest that you create an addon for Deliver & Setup which will be an additional charge to potential renters excluded from the standard rental rates.

Motorhome Rental Pricing


Class A 150-300 1200-2000 4200-7000
Class B 100-250 1000-1500 3800-5500
Class C 100-250 1000-1500 3800-5500
Vintage 75-150 800-1400 3000-5000



Understanding The Pricing Scale

 blog photo (6).pngTo better understand the recommended rental rates and where your RV fits within the scale (depicted above), you should consider a few key factors that will help you understand if your RV is closer to the higher or lower end of the scale:

  • Year
  • Make and Model (Brand)
  • Size
  • Unique Features such as Slideouts, LED Lighting, Bunkbeds, King Size Beds, etc.
  • Other Upgrades and Renovations

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Determining Your High & Low Season Rates 

Just like the vacation rental market, the RV rental market has at least two seasons: the high-season, and the low-season. By setting rates for each season you will not only increase the overall revenue, but it may also help to increase the occupancy rate of your RV as well.

Since the high-season typically lasts for only four months (usually May-Labour Day), you can almost count on booking the majority of the weeks that your RV is available for rent – and charging top-dollar for it!

In order to increase revenue during the low season you may also want to lower your minimum rental requirements to three days in order to accommodate renters looking for long-weekend RV adventures.

The low-season (usually Late September-April) is also a great time to experiment with special offers and added touches. For example, one owner offers a case of beer with every rental.

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Nightly, Weekly And Monthly Rates 

Depending on your rental goals – with the most common being to make as much extra income in as short of a time as possible – the best practice is to e

ncourage a potential renter to rent for as long as possible.

This can be done through a number of ways, but the tried, tested and true way is by offering discounts for longer rentals. We recommend giving your renters a 10% discount on weekly rentals rates (compared to nightly) and 20% off the monthly rental rate.

Determining competitive rates

Now that you have your base rates figured out – both for the high and low-season, as well as the nightly, weekly and monthly base rates – it's now time to look at competitive pricing.

You'll want to conduct some research to see what other RV owners are listing similar RVs for in the same area. You can find all of our current rental listings here.

If the price for your RV rental listing is unreasonable, as in it is much higher than what other owners have listed their RV for, you may find it difficult to attract renters to your listing, no matter how amazing your special offers and added touches are.

While competitive and affordable rental rates are one of the first things that potential renters will see when looking at RV rental listings, it is not the most important. Good prices may bring potential renters in the door, but what keeps them at the table is a well-written description and outstanding photos to show-off your hotel on wheels! For more tips on how to make your RV rental listing stand out, click here.


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