How To RV With Babies On Board

By Court Lundy

Bringing your family along on your RV trip is one of the most exciting decisions you can make. Whether you’re just going camping for a weekend, or driving across the province, you’ll make a ton of memories that will last forever... But, how do you know what to pack, where to sit when you’re driving, etc.?

This may not even cross your mind, but of course, there are still rules when driving with babies, and/or young children. Can the children roam free while the RV is moving? Can they sleep in their beds while you’re driving the motorhome? There are so many questions, and we have the answers!



Don’t Forget To Baby Proof!

As you would at home, it’s very important to baby proof in your RV. If you have a baby that is crawling or can move around, you’ll need take action and baby proof the RV. You can do this with cupboards, sharp edges and drawers, for example. If you’re buying an RV or renting one, you could also consider getting one with a carpet so your baby can crawl around easily when you are not moving.

You should also find a crib/bassinet that can fit perfectly in an RV. There are a lot of options on the market for on-the-go cribs, which is perfect for your mobile home. If your kids are older and don’t need a crib but need assistance, you can find bed guard rails that hook on to the side of the bed so they don’t fall out at night!



Be Prepared To Make A Lot Of Stops

Don’t worry, I don’t mean every 10 minutes. But if you’re breastfeeding, if your baby is hysterically crying, or if all of the little ones on the RV start getting antsy, if may be a good idea to pull over.

Once you get to your destination, no matter the driving distance, you’ll be so glad you decided to take the trip. Just like with a car, there is bound to be someone on a road trip that always has to go to the washroom or asks if you’re there yet. Just expect that in different forms!



Make Room For All The ‘Baby Stuff’

When you have a baby, you realize that your home pretty much gets taken over by baby stuff. Play mats, toys, and all the other equipment that makes your baby so happy! Of course you’ll have to bring some of that on the road with you. But be prepared to make room.

Think about how many times you change your baby at home. In an unfamiliar place, a baby can act up a little bit which is completely normal. This may mean more changing, clothes or diapers, more or less eating, and even a weird sleeping schedule. It’s important to be prepared for all of these things.

See if you can make a corner of your RV where all of the babies toys are, along with their play mat for to keep them occupied. Like I mentioned before, you’ll also have to make room for their car seat, you’ll have to store their baby food in the fridge, and definitely make way for their crib at night whether it’s beside you or near you. If you wash your baby in the sink, don’t forget the mini bath as well!



You Can Use Makeshift Areas For The Baby

Don’t have a place to change their diaper? Usually bathe your baby in the tub? Rock them to sleep in a rocking chair before bed? Don’t worry at all. You can still do all of these things… Well, kind of. Of course it won’t be the exact same as having an entire tub dedicated to bathing your little one at home, or their own room with a changing table, but you can make it feel that way!

Setting up a makeshift changing table on the couch, table, or even on the bed is a great way to save space. That way you can have multiple options of where to change your baby if one place is taken up. This is also an amazing way to save space.

If you’re looking for a place to feed your kids or rock them to sleep, just find a comfortable chair or seating area in your RV. For rocking them to sleep, you can also try rocking your body back and fourth to create the same feeling for the baby if necessary.



Prepare The Baby’s Food In Advance

This will save you a ton of time and a ton of headaches. Of course, you can buy your baby’s food pre-made like a lot of moms do. But if you’re someone who likes to cook their own food for their little one, then you definitely don’t want to be doing that on an RV trip! Save yourself some time by preparing it ahead of time.

This goes for all pureed baby food. You can cook it at home and store it in the fridge, or if you’re planning on being away from home for a while, you can always freeze it and reheat it when you need it! 



Like anything in life, there are pros and cons to travelling in an RV with a baby. However, the pros definitely outweigh the cons as you'll be able to make memories with your whole family, and even though the littlest ones may not remember, it will always be a great story to tell.

Remember, if you can picture yourself getting overwhelmed, you can always ask another family member to come along to help out along the way! But for the most part, travelling in an RV with a baby or young kids in general is a lot of fun and can be a great way for you to save a lot of money. 


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