Make More Money with Our New RVezy Referral Program

By RVezy

Invite Friends to RVezy and Make Great Money!

RVezy has re-launched referral program to make it even easier for you to get rewarded.

We value you as an RVezy member and think you deserve extra rewards! 

With our referral program  - for every friend you invite to RVezy you will receive up to $100. 

RVezy refer-a-friend program, get up to $100 for every friend you invite


It's Easy and It's for Everyone

Grow your network… and your pockets by inviting your friends to list or rent an RV on RVezy. 

Everyone with an RVezy account (whether you are an owner or a renter) has a personal referral link that can be shared among friends.

How do I access my referral account?

  1. Sign in to your account to track and claim your referrals at
  2. Login with your email and temporary password that has been sent to your email when you signed up with RVezy (reset your password if you don't know your temporary password)
  3. Update your password in the account settings and start tracking your referrals

Where to find my referral Iink?

You have access to your referral link in your Ambassador account on the top right corner of the page. 

RVezy refer-a-friend program, where to find my referral link

How to best share my referral link? 

You can invite both RV owners to list their rig and aspiring RV renters planning their next adventure by simply sending them your referral link via social media, text or email.

RVezy refer-a-friend program, How to best share my referral link

Dual-Sided Rewards 

Your friends will be happy too since our rewards are dual-sided.

This means you can feel good about introducing your friends to RVezy because they will also get up to $100 by using your referral link. It’s truly a win/win for everyone.

If that wasn’t enough already, owners will be grateful for the opportunity to make additional income by listing their RV. Renters will also be thankful you led them to more affordable RV options that are perfect for their next adventure. 

So whether you are sharing an additional income opportunity or a memorable vacation, you and your friends will both get up to $100 dollars when using your referral link.

RVezy refer-a-friend program, get up to $100 for every friend you invite, RVezy dual-sided rewards

Invites Are Unlimited 

You're eligible for an unlimited amount of referrals - the more you invite, the more money you will earn!

Some of RVezy's top referrers have earned thousands of dollars by sharing their link with their family, friends and colleagues. 

RVezy refer-a-friend program, shares are unlimited

Spread The Word! 

Spread the word, make money, grow the RVezy community and #goanywhere.

RVezy refer-a-friend program, share your RVezy link

Invite your friends now! Click here - It’s easy to get started.

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