Québec RV Travel Tips: National Parks Booking Opens January 2018

By Corey Rozon

seaplane-2319731_1280.jpg Canada is home to some of the most astonishing ecological protected areas in the world, which is made possible by Parks Canada that boasts a total of 47 National Parks and National Park Reserves on their website.

National Parks offer a unique experience to be closer to nature, but that doesn’t mean you have to head out into the backcountry with all your gear tied to your back. Although everyone should experience full-on backcountry tent camping once in their life, let's face it, roughing it isn't for everyone. And just because you enjoy your creature comforts that shouldn't exclude you from going into the great wide open, should it?

Well never fear, an RV Rental will provide you with that home away from home feeling while still allowing you to explore the hidden treasures that Canada's National Parks have to offer.

Due to the vast size of the country, planning an RV adventure may be daunting at first glance. With so many options how do you choose? The easiest route would be to visit some of the most popular National Parks, which most consider the big Seven Mountain Parks -- Banff, Jasper, Yoho, Kootenay, Waterton Lakes, Mount Revelstoke, Glacier -- which saw just under 9 million visitors during the 2016-2017 season.

Going with the popularity vote can be one option, however any location that is popular with tourists invariably results in less availability and more expense. So in order to help narrow down your choice, we have decided to focus on the largest province in Canada, Québec.   

Now here's where it can get a little tricky with the terminology. All provincial parks in Québec are also referred to as National Parks. Québec is also home to two National Parks of Canada, as well as a National Park Reserve, and a National Marine Conservation Area.

Confused yet?

Well, for the purposes of planning your Québec RV adventure this summer, we are going to focus on the two National Parks of Canada located in Québec: Forillon National Park and La Mauricie National Park.


Forillon National Park 

Located on the tip of the Gaspé Peninsula, Forillon National Park was established in 1970, becoming Québec's first national park.

The park boasts a wide variety of activities to take part in while on your Québec RV adventure, allowing you the opportunity to explore not only the sea coast on the Gulf of St. Lawrence, but also a portion of the Appalachian mountain chain.

Situated so close to Gaspé Bay and the Gulf of St. Lawrence there are many aquatic activates to choose from, including boarding the Narval III to head out for some whale watching, to diving right in and discovering the undersea world yourself by partaking in a scuba diving adventure to explore the sea bed or head out for some snorkelling to play with the harbour seals.

If the water isn’t your thing, Forillon National Park has over 150 kilometres of hiking, cycling and mountain biking trails to explore, ranging from beginner to expert. Several of the trails are also part of the International Appalachian Trail (IAT), which runs from Mount Katahdin in Maine, through New Brunswick, to the Gaspé Peninsula, and after a short ferry ride, ends in Belle Isle, Newfoundland and Labrador.

There are also many fun and educational activities for the kids to partake in, such as the Parks Canada Xplorers initiative. Upon arrival to Forillon National Park kids can request a Xplorers Booklet and if they have completed at least three of the booklet’s proposed activities before the end of their visit they will get a surprise.

There are 352 semi-serviced RV campsites located in the three camping areas of Forillon National Park, which are Petit-Gaspé, Des-Rosiers and Cap-Bon-Ami. All three campsites are a great spot to set up your Québec RV rental as your little home away from home.

Don't delay booking your RV site, as reservations for the 2018 season opens on January 18, 2018. See Parks Canada Reservation Service for more details.

la mauricie.jpg

La Mauricie National Park 

Located in the heart of the Laurentian forest, La Mauricie National Park is just a short, two hour drive from both Montréal and Québec City, making it an ideal Québec RV adventure destination.

There are many opportunities to explore the park, from hiking to canoeing, with plenty of wildlife viewing and amazing fishing holes – there are over 150 lakes dotted throughout the park. And if birding is your thing, La Mauricie National Park is the place to be. To date, there have been 211 different species of birds observed in the park, which includes 124 nesting species.

Although the park was established in the 1970s, humans had visited the area as far back as 5000 years ago, with the first visitors being Indigenous Peoples. On a leisurely stroll or canoe through the park you may even come across the remains of red-ochre rock paintings that were produced by the nomadic tribes that hunted and fished in the area.

With its proximity to Montréal and Québec City, La Mauricie National Park can be a popular destination for locals, so it's best not to delay when booking your RV adventure.

La Mauricie National Park reservations for the 2018 season open on January 17, 2018. Visit Parks Canada Reservation Service for more details.

If you plan to visit either of these two National Parks the beautiful province of Québec this summer, well RVezy can definitely help get you there with an affordable Québec RV Rental. Check out our RVezy: How It Works page for more details.

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