5 Awesome RV Gift Ideas

By Jake Maynard

RV gift ideasNeed Some RV Gift Ideas?

Do you have a friend or family member who is an RV enthusiast?

Maybe a serial renter or maybe an owner? You can normally tell who is by their happy, open-minded and positive attitude! Something which is a byproduct of exploring the open road ;).

Knowing whether a loved one is an RV enthusiast is a huge advantage when looking for a gift.

Buying gifts for friends and family can often be a stressful task - running around at the last minute trying to find what they would love, but ending up with a box of chocolates just like the last year.    

However, if you know an RV enthusiast, it’s a no brainer! We have compiled our top five RV gift ideas for the RV enthusiast to ensure your next gift provides them with the ultimate satisfaction for years to come!

Get your notepad out and be prepared for next time!


RV Gift Idea 1: Portable Grill 

RV gift ideasAlthough most RVs come with a built-in stove top, the ability to grill dinner outside in beautiful weather is priceless, making this one of the top RV gift ideas out there!

After all, that’s normally why the RV enthusiast has the RV in the first place; to get out and live life amongst the wonderful environments available across North America!


Portable Grill Advantages

Cooking on a grill is an easy, low mess method, sending tasty aromas throughout the camping area. Always a good way to lure people in for a drink and a chat, or maybe invite them in for dinner!


Portable Grill Options

There’s both gas and electric options. We recommend the electric models because RV travel is usually associated with powered camping grounds. However, if you know that the RV enthusiast likes to get off the beaten track, then a gas option is the better one!

The Spruce website provides their top 7 electric grills for 2018 and top 10 portable gas grills for 2017.


RV Gift Idea 2: Take Them To An RVing Event! 

rv gift ideasRV exhibitions sweep throughout North America all year long! Buy your favourite RV enthusiast a ticket (if it costs) and give them a cheque to go crazy! You’ll be in the good books for years to come ;).

The Canadian Recreational Vehicle Association provides a list of the best RV shows across Canada.

Check out our recent post about the Toronto RV Show and Sale for an idea of what to expect!

Join some of the Best RV Clubs in Canada! Find others who share your love for RVing and the great outdoors.

Book an RV adventure and take advantage of Canadian RV Camping Week. Choose from hundreds of affordable private RV rentals all across the country for your trip here.


RV Gift Idea 3: A Good Quality Radio 

rv gift ideasThe perfect accompaniment to an early morning tea or coffee outside in the fresh air. A good quality portable radio is a great way to add some spice to your set up and keep up to date with the world.

It’s also one of the most reliable ways to get updates about risky weather or road and traffic problems!


Portable Radio Options

These days digital radios have taken over, and have better reception capability. The options also link into the vehicles speakers through bluetooth!

The T3 website provides their recommended top 10 digital radios hitting stores in 2018.


RV Gift Idea 4: A GPS

rv gift ideas

This is an extremely handy tool when entering the unknown! It’s also something that not everyone will buy for themselves, especially you know someone that is still attached to hard copy street maps!

A GPS can be permanently attached to a beloved old RV (which is also a great thing if you’re looking to rent your RV out and make some extra cash), or it can be used when renting an RV from someone else, which won’t always come with one.

TopTenReviews provides a list of the 10 best GPS units for 2018.

A great RV gift idea in our book!


RV Gift Idea 5: A Portable Wifi Device 

rv gift ideasThis is a great thing to have in our modern world where wifi makes unlimited information and communication available across the world.

This way you can tap into wifi through your phone or laptop and maintain contact and responsibilities which would otherwise slip away.

Lifewire provides a few of the best options for 2017.


Happy RV Gift Hunting!

Hopefully one of these RV gift ideas inspire you to find the perfect gift for that special RV enthusiast in your life!

We have also compiled a list of the best RV camping gadgets which you can check out here for more RV gift ideas: Must have gadgets for RV camping in Canada.

For more handy RV tips and ideas, follow our adventure blog at RVezy.com!


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