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Feb 13.2019

Everything You Need to Know to Rent Your First RV

If you’re a first time RVer, then congrats! You’re in for a real treat. Driving an RV is a great way to hit the open road, and you can make the best memories in an RV. Whether it’s with your family, friends, or just a solo trip that ...

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Jan 23.2018

Top 5 reasons to list your RV for rent before putting it up for sale

The open road is where adventure begins, and travelling through the country in an RV can add an extra source of freedom that other styles of travelling just can't match.

Jan 16.2018

Top 10 Things To See At The Toronto RV Show & Sale 2018

The 2018 Toronto Fall RV Show & Sale is almost upon us, as it runs from October 12th to October 14th. It is the longest running Ontario RV show and you will be sure see all types of RVs - from...

Jan 8.2018

How Long Do RV Tires Last?

It should go without saying that one of the most important parts of any motorized vehicle are the tires – without them it doesn't matter how much horsepower your engine has, that vehicle isn't...

Jan 8.2018

RV Rental Insurance: How It Works

RVing as a way of life, or even just a pastime – that is, living the RV life (#RVlife) – is enjoyed by seasoned full-timers and novice part-timers alike. From coast to coast, Canadians find RVing...

Nov 16.2017
Nov 14.2017

How renting my RV helped me save for a dream vacation

Travelling and exploring new destinations is something everyone should do, and I try to go somewhere different at least once a year.

I love experiencing different cultures and meeting new people -...

Oct 17.2017

What are the different types of travel trailers?

So you’ve decided that a travel trailer is the right fit for you — whether you plan on buying or looking to rent one — you’ve made a great choice!

Choosing a trailer over a motorhome is just one...

Oct 16.2017

Amenities that renters are looking for in their RV rental

If you are thinking about putting your RV up on the peer-to-peer rental market, its a great idea! You can earn money back on your investment, meet like-minded and adventurous campers along the way.

Oct 10.2017

Owner Story: Learn How This Owner Made $10,000 In 6 Months

Take a deep breath. Here is a wonderful story of the journey of one of RVezy's first RV owners!

Matt Sequin grew up in the GTA and is currently a resident of the Peterborough area. Matt is one of...

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