Top 5 reasons to list your RV for rent before putting it up for sale

By Corey Rozon



The open road is where adventure begins, and travelling through the country in an RV can add an extra source of freedom that other styles of travelling just can't match.

If you are fortunate enough to own an RV, then you know the special appeal that living the RV life can have – even if one can only afford, both financially and with their free time, to live the RV lifestyle for a couple of weeks out of the year.

Although many RV owners would love to become full-timers and spend 365-days living the lifestyle, the truth is the majority of RVs sit unused for the better part of the year. Some numbers even go as far as to suggest that 90% of all North American RVs are only used, on average, for 30 days out of the year.


Thirty days!


So what happens for the other 335 days? Well the RV sits in storage, collects dust and depreciates in value – all the while incurring costs. From monthly financing payments, to storage and maintenance fees, these costs can quickly add up. For an RV that is only being used 30 days out of the year, well some RV owners feel they have only one option – to put their beloved rig up for sale.

But I'm here to tell you there is another way!


As Leonard Cohen once sang, "Hallelujah"


With the rise of peer-to-peer networks and the sharing economy you can now list your RV for rent before putting it up for sale. And the best part is that it's free to list your RV for rent, that's right, I said FREE!

Well actually, the best part about listing your RV for rent is all the money you can make. If you're still on the fence, here are 5 more reasons why you should list your RV for rent before putting it up for sale:


Reason #1 - Pay Down RV Debt

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If you happen to be like many RV owners, then you probably have a bit of a loan you still need to pay off – if not, well my hats off to you friend, feel free to jump to Reason #2.

Still with me, okay. For those of us that are still making monthly payments, renting out our RV for a few weeks each year can easily earn some serious cash to help pay down the loan. A Class A RV, on average, can be rented out for around $200 a night, so if you rent out your RV for just 3 weeks a year, that's $4200 going into loan payments. In most areas of Canada there are about 150 RV days each year – skip 1 year on your own RV adventures and that's a whopping $30,000 loan payment. In no time that RV will be free and clear.


Reason #2 - Cover Storage Fees



So we've already covered the numbers, but just to reiterate, the majority of RVs are parked for 335 days of there year, with the bulk of that time sitting in storage. As any seasoned RVer can tell you, storage fees can quickly add up, with the average being $500 - $1000 a season. But rent out your RV just three to five nights, and storage fees are covered for the year. It's just that easy.


Reason #3 – Finance Maintenance Fees

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Average annual maintenance fees can run as little as $1000 and up to, well the sky really is the limit here. So how do you cut down on your annual maintenance fees without becoming an RV mechanic yourself? Well that's easy, just rent that unused RV out anytime its going to sit idle for a week or more.


Reason #4 – Make Money


Besides paying down an RV loan, covering storages fees and financing the maintenance of your rig, the next best thing about listing your RV for rent before putting it up for sale is making money! Check out these two stories from RV owners who have already had great success when listing their RV at

RV owner Matt made $10,000 in 6 months while Kyle was able to save for a dream vacation after renting out his RV only six times!

We've said it before, and we'll say it again. It's just that easy!


Reason #5 – Share the #RVlife



Not everyone is motivated by money – we know that. After paying down your loan, covering your storage fees, financing your maintenance costs and making some extra income there is one last reason to list your RV for rent before putting it up for sale – we've saved the best for last – and that reason is to share the RV life.


As mentioned, the open road is where adventure begins, and conducting that adventure in an RV opens up so many more possibilities for people. Not everyone can afford to own an RV, but with the sharing economy and peer-to-peer networks like, many more people can now afford to live the RV life, if even for just for a few days a year.

If you still need a bit more of a push to list your RV for rent, check out this post with a few more ideas on why you should rent your RV.

As always, comments are both encouraged and appreciated. Let us know your success stories with using the sharing economy, or any concerns you may have.


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