Unique Things to do in Alberta While RVing

By Kyle King

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Alberta is probably best known for its beautiful lakes, ski resorts and snow-capped rocky mountains, these attractions alone attract thousands of RVers each year. If you want a more off the beaten path experience and want to avoid the massive crowds that Jasper Lake, Lake Louise or the West Edmonton Mall attract, you should check out these unique places in Alberta to visit on your RV trip.



Visit The Vault Caves in Aberta









1.) The Vault

What was supposed to be the world’s most secure Cold War document vault ended up being a few shallow caves. The tunnel leads into the mountain to to chambers roughly 80 feet X 25 feet. Built by the Rocky Mountain Vaults and Archives, it was built with the intent of holding only documents of the utmost importance. The company went bankrupt and the plan was shut down and abandoned.

Today the vault caves are still empty and have become a favorite spot for amateur hikers and cavers who love to explore the unguarded chambers.


Know Before You Go

From the parking lot of the Heart Creek day use area the the path leading west. Make your way down the trail until you come to a marker post for the TCH. Take a left here and continue until you come to an intersection and another TCT marker, make another left, the trail gradually switchbacks from here to the entrance of the bunker.

** Don’t forget the flashlight if you plan on exploring. **


2.) The Hoodoos of Drumheller Valley

In the badlands of Alberta, Hoodoos, naturally eroded land formations that stand 20 feet tall stand still. Blackfoot and Cree traditions hold that these rocks are petrified giants who come to alive at night to protect the land around them by hurling stones at intruders.

Made of soft sand stone, the hoodoos are generally topped with a hard rock cap, while climbing is not permitted these stones are absolutely beautiful and if you get the chance it is definitely something you do not want to miss.

Know Before You Go:

To get here from Calgary, Alberta to Drumheller

Distance 120km

Driving Directions from YYC

1. Turn right at Airport Rd NE (0.3 km)
2. Turn left at Barlow Trail NE/HWY-2A N (2.2 km)
3. Turn right at Country Hills Blvd NE/HWY-564 (6.3 km)
4. Continue on HWY-564 (16.2 km)
5. Turn left at HWY-9 (32.3 km)
6. Turn right to stay on HWY-9 at Beiseker (62.9 km)
7. Arrive in Drumheller, Alberta



Just had to detour to #glendon to see the giant perogy! #alberta#travelalberta #giantperogy

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3.) Giant Perogy

Foodies Unite — When we said Giant Perogy, we weren’t kidding! In the small town of Glendon, stands one of the “Giants of the Prairies” The giant statue was erected in 1993 as a tribute to a staple eastern european cuisine. It stands 27 feet tall and weighs close to 6000 lbs.

If the statue made you hungry don’t worry, right next to the statue is The Perogy Cafe. It serves traditional Chinese and European style perogies.

Know Before You Go

The Giant Perogy is on the west side of the town’s main road (It’s hard to to miss) 



Worlds Largest Beaver Dam

4.) World’s Largest Beaver Dam

The Beavers in Canada’s Wood Buffalo National Park have been hard at work for decades, creating the world’s largest beaver dam in the world. It is about half a mile long and is so massive it even shows up on satellite images.

It remained hidden until 2007, until someone spotted it on Google Earth. The beavers are still working on new dams nearby which could mean an additional 300 feet to it’s length


Know Before You Go

It is located in  very isolated location so it is hard to distrub, however if you are adament on seeing this site, it is worth the trek. 



5.) Big Rock Erratic

An erratic is pretty much exactly what it sounds like; Large, hulking chunks of rock, jutting out of an otherwise flat and sparse landscape. Properly known as “glacial erratics” are relatively common, forged by dislodged rocks that traveled on top of a glacier thousands of years ago.

In Alberta, Canada, there is a particularly large and far reaching trail thousand of erratics known as Foothills Erratics trail. This Big rock erratic if it’s crown jewel. It is the largest known erratic on the the planet and travelers still find themselves drawn to the Big Rock.

Know Before You Go

The Okotoks Erratic is located off Highway #7, with its own parking lot nearby.  It is about an hour’s drive from central Calgary.


Writing-on-Stone #explorealberta #explorecanada #writingonstone #petroglyphs #history #blackfoot #southernalberta #travel #rockart

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3.)Writing on Stone Provincial Park

Near the Alberta/Montana border and just 44 km east of the small town Milk River is this historical park. The park boasts over 50 petroglyphs created by the Blackfoot Native Americans which date as far back as 7000 B.C and it has been nominated to UNESCO for world heritage status.

The park covers a vast territory, and its remote location makes it possible only by vehicle, which makes it a perfect stop for your family RV trip, especially if you are planning on heading to the US.

Make sure to only take in the cool petroglyphs, causing damage to the the historic pictures will cost you $50,000 in fines and up to a year in jail.

Know Before You Go

100 kilometres southeast of Lethbridge, Alberta





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