4 Ways to Make it the Best Easter Yet, RV Style!

By Jake Maynard


what to do on easter canada holidays 2018 easter ideasEaster is a popular holiday in Canada; Canadians love to celebrate it. If you are wondering what to do for the Easter holiday period or where to go on holiday in Canada, then RVezy has you covered. Why not try something a little different and do it Canadian RV style?

Canada Has Some Of The Best Easter RV Holiday Opportunities!

The days are getting longer, forests are coming to life, and it is the perfect time to get out and enjoy the great Canadian outdoors, particularly before the busy summer season sets in.

Here’s our Top Easter Ideas for the next Canadian Easter holidays:

  1. Use the RV as a home base to discover Easter time events
  2. Visit distant friends and family in RV style
  3. Try some late fall/early spring RV and outdoor activities
  4. Adapt your Easter time activities to the relaxed RV lifestyle

Below is some more helpful info about each Easter idea...




Watch RVezy Take On Dragon's Den!

Were we able to convince the Dragons to take a road trip with us or did they put out our campfire?




1) Easter Holiday Events Perfect for RV Travel

what to do on easter canada holidays 2018 easter ideas Easter offer some quirky events, and this year will be no different! The great thing about Canadian RV travel is basically every city, town, and village has a camping ground or RV van park to put you up.

(Check out some recent 'top 10' campground lists we posted for Ontario and Quebec.)

Here are a few unique event ideas you might like to incorporate into an Easter road trip:

2) Visit Distant Friends And Family In Your RV

what to do on easter canada holidays 2018 easter ideasInstead of catching a plane, train or, bus, turn your Canada Holiday get-together into an Easter RV road trip. Once you reach your family or friend's location, you have your own wheels and your own mobile home. This means you have the ultimate RV freedom if you need a break away from the antics.

3) Use The RV To Soak Up The Easter-Time Outdoors 

what to do on easter canada holidays 2018 easter ideas

canada places to go easter weekendOn the West Coast and in the southern parts of Canada, the Easter weather should be well on its way towards sunny spring redemption. Use the opportunity to get outdoors, camp in some beautiful wilderness, and enjoy some activities like hiking, kayaking and fishing before the summer busy period sets in.

If you are wondering where to go over the Easter weekend, have a look at these recent articles on:

Or, if the sun does not look like it is making a come back....

 Hit the Slopes!

There are still many ski hills that are covered in snow. Look for some top RV friendly ski resorts to have an exciting, white Easter.



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4) Celebrate Easter In Unique RV Style 

what to do on easter canada holidays 2018 easter ideasGranted, Easter RV celebrations cannot be as elaborate as at home, but it provides an opportunity to do things a little different. Make your vacation a memorable using these unique RV friendly Easter activities:

  • Hiking Easter egg-hunt: While hiking, one adult can run ahead and place a few cheeky chocolate eggs in the forest for the kids to stumble upon.
  • Open fire Easter cooking: Try a special Easter meal on an open fire (check out our article on how to start a fire like a pro, and another on open fire meal ideas).
  • Colorful boiled Easter eggs: Colorful boiled eggs are a very easy to do in an RV, and a fun arty activity for the kids.
  • Easter Bunny spotting: Try spot some hares and rabbits running around to create a bit of Easter Bunny excitement
  • Easter RV Gifts: Crack open some Easter RV gifts for your favorite RV enthusiast while camping in some beautiful Canadian wilderness.


what to do on easter canada holidays 2018 easter ideasHappy Easter! 

We hope this post has given you a few ideas about what to do on Easter in Canada this year. There is still time to find the perfect RV for your Easter holidays.




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