What's the Cost of a Travel Trailer Rental in Quebec?

By Jake Maynard



Are you looking to rent an RV in Quebec this christmas, and wondering how a travel trailer rental compares?

Then read on, we’ve compiled everything you need to know right here!

But before we mention cost, lets talk advant

ages, because they also relate to travel trailer rental. The travel trailer option has a couple of big functional advantages over motorhomes:

  1. You can use your own vehicle to tow; and
  2. You can leave the travel trailer at the campsite while you explore the local area in your own wheels.

This means the travel trailer is your base, and you can leave your campsite fully set up while your gone!

And, for these reasons they are also cheaper (that means a few extra bottles of fine Quebec wi…..I mean activities for the kids!).


Most travel trailers also come with all the facilities of a motorhome, so you dont lose anything at all. Some budget options just provide a place to sleep and cooking facilities, but the price will reflect that, and provides a great option to travel and explore with the family without breaking the bank.

The advantage of using RVezy is you can forget about extra hidden maintenance, registration or insurance fees. We handle all that within the quoted price, and still manage to remain one of the most affordable RV sharing systems on the market!


How to Calculate Travel Trailer Rental Cost in Quebec

Like all RVs, Travel Trailer rental in Quebec is dependant on your holiday requirements, such as:

  • The style of travel trailer and living you want
  • Size requirements; and
  • Sleeping arrangements.

In this post we will touch on all these elements and help you more accurately estimate potential holiday expenses.  

We won't cover food and fuel costs or camping fees in this post, but you can get an idea of those expenses in our recent post called RV Rental Quebec: How Much Will A Motorhome Holiday Cost.

Travel Trailer Rental in Quebec: Styles

The styles we discuss include:

  • tent travel trailer
  • hybrid travel trailer
  • standard travel trailer
  • toy Haulers
  • fifth wheelers, and
  • vintage travel trailers.

Let's start from the top.



Tent Travel Trailer Rental and Application

This is your cheapest option. The humble tent camper. You can expect to pay around $50 - $75 for these half trailer half canvas hybrids, usually sleeping two to six.

They are a great option for the summer, but perhaps not for the winter, unless you enjoy 1 degree Farenheit in a tent…


Hybrid Travel Trailer Rental and Application

This style of travel trailer is the next level up from the tent travel trailer. They range from $75 to $125, sleeping two to eight.

A perfect summer option but still a bit chilly in the winter without heating.


Standard Travel Trailer Rental and Application

Also called caravans, these are the bread and butter of retirees, often seen galavanting around the countryside to their hearts content. Yes, I suppose they’ve earned it, but that's hard to watch! Of course they are great options for younger families too.

You can expect to pay around $100 - $150 per night for a nice self contained unit, sleeping two right up to ten!

Many are all year round RVs. But some older models aren't heated and consequently not so comfortable in a Quebec winter!


Toy Hauler Travel Trailer Rental and Application

Toy haulers are exactly what they sound like, an RV which can carry things like bikes, quads and boats. They range from $75 to $150, sleeping two to ten depending on the trailer size.

Heated units are great, all year round RVs.


Fifth Wheeler Travel Trailer Rental and Application

Fifth Wheelers are travel trailers which attach to the vehicle by dropping onto the tray of a ute, rather than hooking up to a tow ball. This allows them to be a bit more roomy with the extra space hanging over the utes tray. Of course your vehicle needs to be capable of towing such a beast.

They range from $100 to $200, sleeping four to ten.

Most are heated and thus great all rounders.


Vintage Travel Trailer Rental and Application

Vintage models are the glory of yesteryear! They can be chosen for style, or because older models are also cheaper.

They range from $75 to $150, sleeping four to ten.

Many were made before travel trailer heating was a thing so make sure you check before commandeering one through an icy winter! While others have been retrofitted with modern heating systems to get you through the night.

Travel Trailer Rental Summary

Have a look at our RV range to find your perfect travel trailer rental option and estimate your holiday costs.

Make sure to investigate heating options while travelling in the winter. If a travel trailer doesn't come with heating you can always plug in a portable electronic or gasoline powered device!

For some ideas about what else you’ll need with your travel trailer rental, check out our post about ‘great things to include when you rent an RV’.

We also recently published some ‘Unique places to visit in Quebec’ for some inspiration!

Safe travels!!

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